Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am evidently so desperate for attention and hits on this blog that I am incorporating Clip Art icons to make it "easier" for folks to use. Not that folks are using it. But seriously, I am that desperate.

Clip art, the last refuge of the uncreative?

Because when you don’t know exactly what to say, there are cool clip art people?

Anyway, to try to get this blog back on track, and to try to give it some sense of cohesiveness again, I decided to categorize things using folks from the wonderful world of perfect cut out people clip art---which once again, makes me wonder just how exactly dangerous I am.

Coming up in October:

---The Snarky Muse confesses five things you should know about writing workshops. (see clip art icon of the Snarky Muse, above)
--Sneak peak of the true mountain man
--Goals for my writing residency.
--Why my writing group rocks
-- why everyone should just leave JA Konrath the hell alone and let him do his thing.
If you don't know who JA Konrath is, check this out: " A Newbie's Guide to Publishing."
-- Why some of the commenters on the NPR short-short story "Three Minute Fiction" competition need to take a chill pill. Seriously.
-- Why I'm a hack and why you're crazy.

I'm sure these posts will create some dissension, which is okay, as long as no one gets an eye put out.


billie said...

LOL! Looking forward to the upcoming posts here! And LOL at the cut out people.

Danielle Rose said...

dissension is a good thing :D