Thursday, October 21, 2010

50 State Dresses - and any guesses?

Okay, this is a section of my blog I'm going to file under "dang, isn't that cool?"

Artist creates dress art for each state

I can only guess, and somewhat shudder, at what North Carolina's dress will be. Seems like I do remember during my tenure at the Wilson Daily Times that there was a picture of Miss Tobacco from some pageant back in the early 60s ---she was wearing a dress made of tobacco leaves.

My understanding is that the artist isn't done with all of them, but let me give her a few suggestions for North Carolina (tongue in cheek, of course):

--- bright orange construction barrels
--- basketball netting
--- the Wright Brother's flier
--- cases of Cheerwine
--- old state lottery tickets

In all seriousness--wow and kudos to this artist. I love it.

Some folks try to write dangerously, why not dress dangerously?

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