Monday, April 16, 2012

More from artsy Lyon, France

I've just now gotten to downloading photos from my cameras from my trip to Lyon...and now that I'm back at an American keyboard, maybe I won't have as many typos. I didn't post these from France because I would have had to use my friend's computer, and since she's a student, she was very generous to let me use it as much as she did.

Place Bellcour

Evening in Lyon.
close up of flowers.
Funky flowers on a bridge.
Special picture for my niece....look at the design on the bridge---IT IS A CHICKEN!!!!
Alyssa, another shot of another chicken
statue on the bridge.
I love how artsy the city is... I know that Paris is the "real" city of art and light, but Lyon was very captivating.
Picture of me in front of cool fountain that was designed by the same guy who did the statue of Liberty.

I had a major sense of deja vu when I went into that square with the giant horse statutes.

This was an apartment building in Lyon that had these famous people painted onto the side of it.
closer pictures of it. This is all a painting....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Most Surreal Experience I Have Ever Had

Overlooking Lyon with the bascillica behind me.
Pretentious writer pose No. 1
I am visiting a friend of mi├žne in France (and yes, someone is  watching my house, lest anyone think Im not practicing safe surfing).

And please pardon any typos . I need to get this out tonight.Im using a French keyboard, And it is very late.

I am visiting Lyon with a dear friend and wonderful tour guide, S. She took me to this cool coffeeshop that her boyfriend N volunteers is basically just wall to wall board games and card games, everything from, Taboo to Scrabble to a lovely German one I played tonight called Diest gud o bien Giest (I thinkt hat was the name of it°
Most of these games, like uno or Go do not require language skills at all. Folks co,e to this place, drink coffee and play board games. I am not kidding: I was thrilled. Somehow I S politely got me into a game of Apples to Apples with folks from: South Korea, Chek republic, Norway? and Morrocco. After a brief realization that English was the only common language we could use, we played until almost 1 am. I was the only native English speaker ( which you think would make me a shoo in to win...but alas.

This will; of course; warrant further explanation and waxing poetic, just not tonight:
And while this may seem intimidating socially to some, it was a blast for me (once again, my sister would say it is the Taurus in me)

In the meantime, enjoy this little video I narrated about the traboules of Lyon...

And some gorgeous pictures in the old section of town, Vieux Lyon::::
Yes, I did kind of wonder if they were just doing this for the tourists.
Posing with statue by Rodin. I love Rodin....and let me beat my bfriends to the punchline: no, it is not because he creates a lot of naked man statues. Dang, I look fat in this picture.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool pictures of Effiel tower

As I may or may not have said ealier I think the Effiel tower is more impressive than the pictures of it do it justice, there's a lot of interesting scroll work and intricate designs hard to see from A distance. When it lights up it is truly amazing. I think many people expect it to be big and it really isn't , but it is very ladylike and gracefully (fact it wa s built for a worlds fair exhibition, and when it was finished, the tower was to be scrapped, and Parisians at the time felt it was an eyesore. It was only I ya use as a telegraph , radio, phone,
antenna that saved it.)

So here are the pictures of it from different angles

More pics from Paris plus French stereotype man

Here are some more pics

But first let me tell you that I met french stereotype man

We had been to sacre cour and were doing some exploring in the streets of San Michele which are lovely but somewhat tourist trap.

Then there ,sitting in a sidewalk cafe with a beret, cigarette, glass of wine and scarf was a slightly Attractive older man. He looked like every typical picture you see of the French ...and I had to tell my friend that I bet that guy was probably American and just dressed that way for the tourists. I men, come on.

That being said there are some "stereotype" things that I have found plenty of.....beau coups of sidewalk cafes....every little cobblestone street crammed to the hilt with small boutiques, bread and cheese as vital to the body as breathing, the love of all things cultural and artistic, and we have seen two couples getting wedding pictures made, and locals....80 percent of whom are so good looking I wonder if they just bring them out for he tourists

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Notes on Paris

Had an amazing two days in Paris. I got to see all the amazing  monuments and met some friends of my friend S who was a great tour guide
Had a down day today just chilling we were both SO tired

A few notes on Paris:
1-- the effiel tower really is more impressive than I initially thought. A lot of  scrollwork that you cant see: by the way still using the French keyboard: so the period is in a strange place as well as other letters; excuse the typos

Photos for so,e cool perspectives you nor,ally do not see. or wait/ was that on  my other camera?
It was VERY windy, so I am doing my Seinfeld Elaine Benes Jackie O thing with  the scarf: SO WINDY:
2 maybe only my family will appreciate this but remember the Seinfeld with the "man bag" that the argument was is it a purse or is it european? It is European. I saw a TON of guys with it... and not dainty little guys but tough looking guys, carrying it around:

3;--- loved going through the neighborhoods of San Michele: I suggest the hop on hop off tour bus: a bit pricey but worth it. Did I mention it was VERY windy?
Toward the arc d triumph

4 --What completed ,my French vacation? Getting hit on on the metro.
 Believe it or not? I learned the metro:::which is SO confusing esp: when compared to the tube or other metros; When I got off; some guy started talking French to me (my friend was with me°) and after he realized ididnt paelez francais; he said he thought I was a very lovely wo,an and he would love to call me. He was pretty cute, I might add; but ah  pas chance. so little time in Paris. I had to trun him down: Liam Neeson (of Taken) would be proud:

To quote Elaine Benes before she donned the Jackie O scarf  I dont have grace; I never had grace

You are darn tootin it is.

(5.... before I forget it, Let me just say that Luftansa (the airline that flew me down here) must be German for  '' riding a large , comfy couch across the Atlantic. Luftsanza (or however you spell it) rocks:. Our Pilot was named Klaus btw.