Saturday, July 13, 2019

If You Only Have 24 Hours in Chicago...

Okay, I had more than 24 hours. 48 maybe. Give or take.

I was thrilled to participate in a reading of my published short story "Google Answers Everything." I was equally thrilled to take in some of what the Windy City had to offer.

So, at the risk of sounding like a travel blog--here are some great things to do with 24 hours in Chicago--

1-- Have lunch in Millennium park.
Okay, maybe the "bean" thing is totally touristy. Maybe its where all the newbies go and you're overwhelmed with a group of Chicago school kids on their break from something. But it's still well worth taking in...and a good spot for some down time.

With the Cloud Gate ("Bean")

May in Chicago
2--Yes, take one of the cheesy hop-on-hop-off tours...
If for no other reason than to just be able to get around town easily. You learn things, get an idea of where the locals like to go--it's an easy win.

3-- Allow yourself to let go of the cynical. Embrace a chance to take in the wonder of a new place, to imagine what it would be like to take the green line every day, to live in a borough where you can see the Willis tower, where you wonder how the so politely put up with tourist. And marvel at how the locals enjoy the greening of the city after a rabid winter. An emerging. A rebirth.

4-- Visit the public library and the Chicago Cultural Center

I always like to visit the public libraries of the cities I visit, and Chicago did not disappoint.

There are incredible art displays and impressive galleries. 

The cultural center --which is also free-- provided great information on the city in a setting that was spectacular.

5-- Bike along the riverfront and marvel at the many shades of blue of Lake Michigan. And marvel at why there are so many TULIPS in Chicago. 

Tiffany glass rotunda in the cultural center.