Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I decided to still continue this blog

It was a big question mark. I believe that every word you write in a blog is less time you could be writing your own stuff . I actually have some projects I need to finish up..

But then I realized a few things...
1) I get a good number of hits a month. Not tens of thousands, but enough for. Minor league baseball division writer like myself to feel pretty good

2) I like seeing the hits I get from all over the world. I dunno.... I just think it is cool

3) this blog feeds to my amazon and goodreads pages.

4) I do have some cool stuff coming up
A blog hop, a guess blog from a fellow writer who has written an intriguing book on Alzheimer's , and a really. Cool blog entry called Five things I didn't expect to find in Lyon France .

Anyway, I will be blogging more regularly. look for more this summer.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day free titles

Giving away two of my titles and short stories for free this weekend in honor of mothers day. Go to amazon for free kindle copies of Saint Jude and the short story collection Welcome to Shangri La NC