Sunday, February 28, 2010

God is good, even you when you don't feel great

So, my writing weekend with C was kind of a wash, but that's okay. We have both been under the weather, she with a sinus infection, me with a cold from you know where, and while we are still at the gorgeous island of Nags Head, NC, we have also been coughing up stuff that is every color of the rainbow.
But what has been so awesome through all of this, is gorgeous the sunsets, the breathtaking sunrises, the comforting ebb and flow of the ocean---and all of this given freely to us by a mighty God. There are so many dangerous things in the world, so many disasters (Chile, Haiti, Hawaii, list goes on ad infinitum, and our hearts and prayers go out to all those folks) that we were just overwhelmed by an incredible sense of gratitude for everything--even deceptively 'simple' things like being able to stop by the local Walgreens for sinus medication, and being able to afford the sinus medication [and a few York peppermint patties to boost.] And we also include into that the fact that we're fighting sinus issues and not cancer or brain tumors. (I have other brain issues, but that's another post.)
My point is, even though this is not an intensely religious blog per se, I think gratitude is intrinsic to artistry. That's my opinion anyway, so even though I didn't get as much 'accomplished' this weekend, I have had a renewal in another way, a reminder, a thankfulness. Very appropriate during Lenten season.
Killer moonrise over the beach.
Does this count as writing dangerously? You better believe it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clash of the Titans is Coming!!!!!

I am totally stoked about the new Clash of the Titans remake. I saw the original movie when I was in fourth grade or something. While the special effects would seem primitive by today's standards, for a wannabe writer who was obsessed with mythology it was fantastic. I also kind of like the fact that many of those 70s - 80s fantasy / sci-fi stuff required a lot of viewer imagination to make them work.
And that's cool.
That's totally cool.

Writing Weekend

Meeting up with friend C and heading to the beach for a brief writing weekend. Hopefully I will get my short story collection finished up. It's been giving me some problems. There are a few stories that really need tweaking, and while I'm not one to do and re-do stuff, if I do see a problem I can fix, I'd like to go ahead and fix it and get it rolling. I've had some productive editing with it this week.
--I have just discovered that I have to edit hard copy. It's hard for me to do it on the computer.
--My snarky muse has backed off of me a bit. We'll see how long it lasts.

My writing dangerously goal? Go visit a bar I drove by last time I was at the beach...I have a feeling some thing from a future novel takes place there...we'll see....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Snarky Muse is Open for Motivational Insults

Need to have someone build a fire under you to get that novel you've been working on for the last couple of years moving?
My snarky muse is ready to roll---just leave a comment, and she'll be more than happy to send a motivational insult your way.
The latest one she sent to me was--- "And you've been writing this through HOW many presidential administrations? Count it in pages, not Presidents, baby!"

I need to use this description somewhere

I was hanging out at a pool today, doing the lazy river and trying to gracefullly get out of the inner tube...
...somewhere I came up with this, and I would like use it...but where?
"I was graceful as a gazelle---a gazelle that had too much to drink and could stand to lose 20 pounds..."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great blog about publishing and Kindle

Check this out. Kudos for such a great blog Joe! Even my Snarky Muse is impressed. And she doesn't impress easily. At least, not when she's sober.

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Sarcastic Muse

Just to illustrate...

This is the 'average' Muse...

Now, this is my Muse >>>>
(and that's a cigarette, not a joint. She's been to rehab. She doesn't like to bleepin' talk about it thank you very much.)

----So in short, my muse would never ask you to write smaltzy stuff about your childhood.
You can almost hear her, can't you?

SNARKY MUSE: I don't give a rat's A** about your #@$@#$ childhood. I'm not your mama and I'm not your shrink. WRITE!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jazzy Jesus and stuff I like

Heard an awesome jazz band at the church I've been going to...they did a killer version of "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" and "How Great Thou Art." They do a jazz mass at St. Ambrose Episcopal in Raleigh, and I highly recommend checking them out...

In accordance with my self-proclaimed "Year of Writing Dangerously"--I wrote a poem about this lady who was sitting two pews in front of me. She had these cool dreadlocks that were pulled behind her all Toni Morrison-like, and it was totally cool. I'll post that poem shortly. I can't find it right now, and I'm too comfortable [lazy? ] to move from the couch.

Which brings to mind, I wanted to list, for some odd reason, 25 things I like.

  1. Coffee
  2. Kayaking
  3. Cats that will let me pet them and not claw my face off
  4. Spending all day Saturday in PJ's
  5. Coffeeshops
  6. Live theatre
  7. My living room couch
  8. Back massages
  9. The Doctor [TARDIS included]
  10. White noise
  11. Fire in a fireplace
  12. Playing music
  13. Science fiction
  14. Hummus
  15. Mejool dates
  16. Dinner and a movie date
  17. Dancing
  18. Classical music
  19. Maker's Mark
  20. Listening to the rain
  21. Thunderstorms
  22. Yoga
  23. Wetlands
  24. The Commatan [the name of my car]
  25. Anything Asian
NEXT TIME -- 25 things I hate---

COMMENT FROM MY SNARKY MUSE: "Wow. 25 Things you hate. After 25 things you like. How f** long did it take you to f** come up with that Sherlock?"

[My muse has tendency to drink to much and use a bit of profanity. She could also pretty much beat up anyone else's muse. Let me know if your muse wants to go mano a mano with mine.]

SNARKY MUSE: "And it's drink 'too' much you moron --or have you never never heard of PROOFING?"

Which kind of writer are you? Use the clip art

To clarify what I mean by writing dangerously...
Which of these writers are you?
And what do I mean by 'writing dangerously?'
Let's turn to my favorites from the Random World of Clip Art People to illustrate the point.
In fact, if you want to send me your Random Clip Art people, I'll be glad to tell you if they are writing dangerously...or not...

Write boldly this year

It's time.

Time to, as Barbara Kingslover so eloquently states, step out into the glorious debris. I have personally cut back on my "over-involvement" to let my writing move closer to the top of my priority list. With Kindle, Nook, and all the other options that are soon becoming available [has 'self-publishing come back en vogue? Discuss.'] it's time to be more proactive.
It's time to write dangerously.
With reckless abandon.
To remind ourselves of why we did this to begin with....

What I promise:
-Regular updates [I promise]
-FREE reads of stuff I've written [whether good or bad]
- Updates on what I'm calling my personal Kindle experiment...
- Word antics [not sure what that entails? You'll see]

What I want from you?
- Follow my blog and get weekly 'Muse Butt-kickings" --- comments from my snarky Muse who has agreed to let me place her 'on loan' to give you doses of inspiration...
--TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PROJECTS! Let's make this the year of writing dangerously. Encourage each other.
-- I'm also looking for guest bloggers. Tell me about why you love writing. What are you going to do to write dangerously this year....