Sunday, February 28, 2010

God is good, even you when you don't feel great

So, my writing weekend with C was kind of a wash, but that's okay. We have both been under the weather, she with a sinus infection, me with a cold from you know where, and while we are still at the gorgeous island of Nags Head, NC, we have also been coughing up stuff that is every color of the rainbow.
But what has been so awesome through all of this, is gorgeous the sunsets, the breathtaking sunrises, the comforting ebb and flow of the ocean---and all of this given freely to us by a mighty God. There are so many dangerous things in the world, so many disasters (Chile, Haiti, Hawaii, list goes on ad infinitum, and our hearts and prayers go out to all those folks) that we were just overwhelmed by an incredible sense of gratitude for everything--even deceptively 'simple' things like being able to stop by the local Walgreens for sinus medication, and being able to afford the sinus medication [and a few York peppermint patties to boost.] And we also include into that the fact that we're fighting sinus issues and not cancer or brain tumors. (I have other brain issues, but that's another post.)
My point is, even though this is not an intensely religious blog per se, I think gratitude is intrinsic to artistry. That's my opinion anyway, so even though I didn't get as much 'accomplished' this weekend, I have had a renewal in another way, a reminder, a thankfulness. Very appropriate during Lenten season.
Killer moonrise over the beach.
Does this count as writing dangerously? You better believe it.

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