Sunday, February 14, 2010

Write boldly this year

It's time.

Time to, as Barbara Kingslover so eloquently states, step out into the glorious debris. I have personally cut back on my "over-involvement" to let my writing move closer to the top of my priority list. With Kindle, Nook, and all the other options that are soon becoming available [has 'self-publishing come back en vogue? Discuss.'] it's time to be more proactive.
It's time to write dangerously.
With reckless abandon.
To remind ourselves of why we did this to begin with....

What I promise:
-Regular updates [I promise]
-FREE reads of stuff I've written [whether good or bad]
- Updates on what I'm calling my personal Kindle experiment...
- Word antics [not sure what that entails? You'll see]

What I want from you?
- Follow my blog and get weekly 'Muse Butt-kickings" --- comments from my snarky Muse who has agreed to let me place her 'on loan' to give you doses of inspiration...
--TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PROJECTS! Let's make this the year of writing dangerously. Encourage each other.
-- I'm also looking for guest bloggers. Tell me about why you love writing. What are you going to do to write dangerously this year....


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Billie's site. I love the idea of a good snarky muse who will kick butt. I'll stop by to get my butt kicked and see what will fly out of my mouth. (You may regret my visit.)

This is a wonderful idea, and lovely of you to share!

Dawn said...

Thanks Jane.
I appreciate it. Billie has a kicking site. I'd love to check out your blog as well.
And if you want a muse butt-kicking, here's a small taste [my muse smokes cigarettes and drinks too much vodka.]
So her advice would be like:
"You think you can eat alpha-bits cereal and just crap a novel?!! Pee or get of the pot, sister!!!"

Jane said...

Oh thank the Lord, a muse that isn't wearing floaty layers of fairy chiffon, and speaking to you gently about your special inner self. Blech. A grounded, relatable muse that screams reality at you. Sold.

I need to go to the muse store and pick something out...or more likely, have the muse pick me out. Do I get to make her go away if she wants me to write about my past lives, or connect with my inner child?

billie said...

Ha! Fun to see you here, Jane!

Dawn, you already know I love this but I wanted to leave the comment again on this new page, and to tell you that the pop-up window comments work better for more folks - but see you've already changed that!

Dawn said...

Oh Jane, Jane...she would never have you write about your childhood....In fact, she'll tell you that herself in my next post.