Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Notes on Paris

Had an amazing two days in Paris. I got to see all the amazing  monuments and met some friends of my friend S who was a great tour guide
Had a down day today just chilling we were both SO tired

A few notes on Paris:
1-- the effiel tower really is more impressive than I initially thought. A lot of  scrollwork that you cant see: by the way still using the French keyboard: so the period is in a strange place as well as other letters; excuse the typos

Photos for so,e cool perspectives you nor,ally do not see. or wait/ was that on  my other camera?
It was VERY windy, so I am doing my Seinfeld Elaine Benes Jackie O thing with  the scarf: SO WINDY:
2 maybe only my family will appreciate this but remember the Seinfeld with the "man bag" that the argument was is it a purse or is it european? It is European. I saw a TON of guys with it... and not dainty little guys but tough looking guys, carrying it around:

3;--- loved going through the neighborhoods of San Michele: I suggest the hop on hop off tour bus: a bit pricey but worth it. Did I mention it was VERY windy?
Toward the arc d triumph

4 --What completed ,my French vacation? Getting hit on on the metro.
 Believe it or not? I learned the metro:::which is SO confusing esp: when compared to the tube or other metros; When I got off; some guy started talking French to me (my friend was with me°) and after he realized ididnt paelez francais; he said he thought I was a very lovely wo,an and he would love to call me. He was pretty cute, I might add; but ah  pas chance. so little time in Paris. I had to trun him down: Liam Neeson (of Taken) would be proud:

To quote Elaine Benes before she donned the Jackie O scarf  I dont have grace; I never had grace

You are darn tootin it is.

(5.... before I forget it, Let me just say that Luftansa (the airline that flew me down here) must be German for  '' riding a large , comfy couch across the Atlantic. Luftsanza (or however you spell it) rocks:. Our Pilot was named Klaus btw.

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