Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Most Surreal Experience I Have Ever Had

Overlooking Lyon with the bascillica behind me.
Pretentious writer pose No. 1
I am visiting a friend of miçne in France (and yes, someone is  watching my house, lest anyone think Im not practicing safe surfing).

And please pardon any typos . I need to get this out tonight.Im using a French keyboard, And it is very late.

I am visiting Lyon with a dear friend and wonderful tour guide, S. She took me to this cool coffeeshop that her boyfriend N volunteers is basically just wall to wall board games and card games, everything from, Taboo to Scrabble to a lovely German one I played tonight called Diest gud o bien Giest (I thinkt hat was the name of it°
Most of these games, like uno or Go do not require language skills at all. Folks co,e to this place, drink coffee and play board games. I am not kidding: I was thrilled. Somehow I S politely got me into a game of Apples to Apples with folks from: South Korea, Chek republic, Norway? and Morrocco. After a brief realization that English was the only common language we could use, we played until almost 1 am. I was the only native English speaker ( which you think would make me a shoo in to win...but alas.

This will; of course; warrant further explanation and waxing poetic, just not tonight:
And while this may seem intimidating socially to some, it was a blast for me (once again, my sister would say it is the Taurus in me)

In the meantime, enjoy this little video I narrated about the traboules of Lyon...

And some gorgeous pictures in the old section of town, Vieux Lyon::::
Yes, I did kind of wonder if they were just doing this for the tourists.
Posing with statue by Rodin. I love Rodin....and let me beat my bfriends to the punchline: no, it is not because he creates a lot of naked man statues. Dang, I look fat in this picture.

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Michael said...

Hi Dawn, Lovely to hear about your sojourn in France! I've been following it.

I need to let you know, though, that there's a scam advertising site on your blog, at least the version I'm seeing here in Australia. "You have won a $3,000 prize, phone within 4 minutes, yada yada yada...".