Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More pics from Paris plus French stereotype man

Here are some more pics

But first let me tell you that I met french stereotype man

We had been to sacre cour and were doing some exploring in the streets of San Michele which are lovely but somewhat tourist trap.

Then there ,sitting in a sidewalk cafe with a beret, cigarette, glass of wine and scarf was a slightly Attractive older man. He looked like every typical picture you see of the French ...and I had to tell my friend that I bet that guy was probably American and just dressed that way for the tourists. I men, come on.

That being said there are some "stereotype" things that I have found plenty of.....beau coups of sidewalk cafes....every little cobblestone street crammed to the hilt with small boutiques, bread and cheese as vital to the body as breathing, the love of all things cultural and artistic, and we have seen two couples getting wedding pictures made, and locals....80 percent of whom are so good looking I wonder if they just bring them out for he tourists

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