Monday, April 16, 2012

More from artsy Lyon, France

I've just now gotten to downloading photos from my cameras from my trip to Lyon...and now that I'm back at an American keyboard, maybe I won't have as many typos. I didn't post these from France because I would have had to use my friend's computer, and since she's a student, she was very generous to let me use it as much as she did.

Place Bellcour

Evening in Lyon.
close up of flowers.
Funky flowers on a bridge.
Special picture for my niece....look at the design on the bridge---IT IS A CHICKEN!!!!
Alyssa, another shot of another chicken
statue on the bridge.
I love how artsy the city is... I know that Paris is the "real" city of art and light, but Lyon was very captivating.
Picture of me in front of cool fountain that was designed by the same guy who did the statue of Liberty.

I had a major sense of deja vu when I went into that square with the giant horse statutes.

This was an apartment building in Lyon that had these famous people painted onto the side of it.
closer pictures of it. This is all a painting....

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