Friday, March 30, 2012

Clock in the Cathedral Lyon France

I simply could not turn down the opportunity to visit a wonderful and dear friend in Lyon; France  i am having trouble with my internet and is  kind enough to let me use her computer/ but  i will be brief. the keyboard is french and letters arent where i think they are ; longer entries  will need to wait until i get back :: but suffice it to say that france is like a dream and everyone has been so nice

today my friend E had to do some library work so i went to the cathedral of st jean;
Inside there was this amazing astronomy clock i was fortunate enough to be there when it chimed
here is a video

day one--- made it okay through the airport in Dusseldorf: so thankful English is an international language qnd thus is on most airport signs: I would never known that AUFJIHIhGRIHDJFQLfjqldjfoqimfienlhkjoijmenqiezjmfifjµ , meant connecting flights; ofcourse i exqggerate; but not by much;
by the way on the tv is what i think is the french version of law and order i have no idea what they are saying, but i just know i love it*
sorry for the typos an d all lowercase: things arent where i expect the, to be on this keyboard and im on vacation
so,e ,ore phtos today from lyon
cathedral of saint jean baptiste

appropriate stained glass for holy week