Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reworking book covers....

My first novel, Saint Jude, was released in 2000 by Tudor Publishers, Inc. of Greensboro. The book did well, but as its primary market was for high school and middle school libraries, it has not been released in electronic format.

Aside--it is with great gratitude that I can report that my first novel was rated one of the year's best reads for teens in 2004 and 2006 by librarians nationwide.

The message of Saint Jude is recovery from bipolar disorder, and that's an important lesson in itself.

At any rate, since the marketing rights have now reverted back to me, I am going to post it on Kindle. However, because the cover art was paid for and done under my publisher, I have to have a new cover.

I am working with P. Krause, and up-and-coming young designer. He's still in college, and his work shows great insight and maturity. He's talked with me about his initial ideas, and I'm very excited.

For the record, this is the cover of the first edition of Saint Jude---it's a great cover created by Scott Sturdy [I think he's an artist in Winston-Salem.] Can you see the girl's face in the cover?

[I confess, it took me two weeks before I saw it. That has more of a commentary on me than the artist's ability. Folks would tell me "I love hte girl's face on the cover" and I was like, "yeah, sure, I do too." Then I'd go home and I'd be all---wha?]

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