Saturday, October 29, 2011

Demonic Cat Update---and Alfred Hitchcock Trailer

DEMONIC CAT UPDATE:  As if realizing I had profaned him in the blogosphere, my sister’s cat (#6 on the list of things that scare the crap out of me) just recently threw up on the top of her new car. Some of it leaked into the car itself. My, that’s a great way to start your morning. And yes, the car was in the garage. There are those of you who will say “Oh, the poor cat. He was sick. He couldn’t help it.” 
Trust me. It was planned. 
The only thing that cat is sick over is that he didn’t get to barf all over ME.

Now, to continue with the Spooktacular giveaway (details in sidebar at right)….
So many of you have come SO CLOSE to guessing the #1 on my list to win FREE copies of all three of my books, that I’m giving one more hint – a BIG one. In fact, this is probably going to give it away, but heck, this is all supposed to be in fun…

This “creature” was featured in a movie that starred Richard Gere.

But now, on with my countdown with #4 and #3 of the top 10 things that scare the you-know-what out of me…

#4. Paranormal stuff

Okay, first let me make this statement and get it out of the way: I respect what other people believe. It’s the first amendment and God Bless America. I do not apologize for what I believe, nor do I force or push my belief system on others, though I am not ashamed of what I believe.
That being said, I am a sincere (albeit heavily flawed) Christian, and I personally believe there is a reason that in the Bible, God says about the paranormal: Do. Not. Mess. With. That. Stuff.
Well, He doesn’t say it like that, of course.
I know that believing in ghosts is not theologically sound, but let’s just say that I’ve experienced some things that defy all scientific explanation. It totally freaks me out, and that’s one reason why you won’t see me going into amateur ghostbusting or ghost tours. I don’t know what that stuff is. I just know that ---whatever it is---it is real. Let's face it--when it comes down to it, we know relatively  little about the universe.
And whatever this stuff is, it scares the crap out of me.
So—I’m not messing with it.
Why? The story (one of many):

I was at a writer’s retreat, staying in a room that was reputed to be haunted. Writers in that room have experienced something sitting on the bed with them, items neatly arranged in order / lost/ reclaimed without any explanation, and doors loudly slamming when it is obvious that there is no one else on that side of the house.
For some reason, the ghost (or whatever it is) only bothers women, and if you are easily wigged out by it, it messes with you. If you aren’t, it leaves you alone. (And yes, I found that out through trial and error). Long story short, I was staying in a room beside the “ghost room” (because I was totally creeped out). I was taking a break in the communal kitchen and my writing group partner, B (who was also in residence) came by. She was surprised when she saw me.
“I thought you were in your room.”
“No, “ I said.
“How long have you been here?”
“About twenty minutes. Why?”
“I just walked by your room to ask you if you wanted some tea, but I heard you typing on your laptop really loudly, and I thought ‘Dawn must be in the zone’ so I didn’t bother you.”
Yep, you figured it out.
And no one on the other end of the house.
What did I do?
I played the Jesus card.  I don’t know what it is/was, and I do NOT want to mess with it. In fact, I don’t WANT to know what it is. Like I said, prayer is a part of my personal belief system. I don’t apologize for it.
So if other folks want to find out about the “Ghost” in that room, go for it. But not me.
I’ve also had other mild paranormal experiences like this (one while working as a tour guide at Biltmore House in Asheville—but that’s a story for another Halloween.)

#3. Heights
I’ve always, always, been afraid of heights. Ever since I was a little girl. I don’t know why. I’ve never fallen or been trapped on a roof. Airplanes only bother me on take off and landing (because looking down from so high is kind of surreal that it all looks like a movie set).  But otherwise, I get shaky when I stand up on a stepladder more than two steps high. I’ve only fairly recently got to the place where I could change lightbulbs without shaking.
Well, this clip describes it all. Alfred Hitchcock was absolutely brilliant. I also love me some Jimmy Stewart.
Man! I miss men wearing SUITS!

Tomorrow--#2 and #1
Also, feel free to follow my blog. I've got some good stuff coming up---mainly info on Kindle publishing, ergonomics, and other crazy random stuff.

Also--some of you may be surprised to note: SNAKES and SPIDERS are NOT on my top list. Not at all. 
Snake in the garage? No problem. (granted, I'm not thrilled over it, but no problem.). HUGE spider web at the back door? No problem. In fact, maybe it will eat some of the gazillion mosquitoes that frequent Eastern North Carolina. 
But ask me to stand on a stepladder and change a lightbulb? Freak out city.


Jack Colton said...

Awww- poor Baaaby,sounds like he needs a great big hug from "Aunt Dawn". Ha! you know I'm just kidding,right? :)

dawn said...

If you mock Baby, you summon him.
Be afraid. You do not want to incur his wrath :)

Jack Colton said...

I will just let sleeping Demonic cats lie...Hope you are having a great Halloween!