Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dawn to J.A. Konrath: Pass the Kool-Aid

In his recent blog post, author and Kindle powerhouse JA Konrath quoted a literary agent as making this statement:

Do NOT drink the kool-aid on E-publishing. It's too early to be making sweeping statements about any of it. We're all learning this as we go and the right answer to almost everything is "we'll see what happens."

Well, while I agree you can't make sweeping statements about ANYTHING in this world, I do think to say "don't drink the Kool-Aid" leaves out some major opportunities for writers---mainly putting up their books from traditional publishers which have gone out of print (as I did.)

But Konrath takes her statements one by one and I'm not going to reiterate what he said, but the link is here:

Also, while you're there, check out the "e-publishing predictions" that JA made back in 2009 with astonishing accuracy. Link is here:

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dawn wilson said...

Oh, this and all being said, if I was offered a print contract for "10,000 New Year's Eves," (set to completed in early December) I would jump at it. I really don't want to do the printing books myself thing, though POD makes it so much easier.

However, even from very conservative estimates, I wonder if most writers realize that they can make a lot more $$ by keeping their e-rights.