Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unexpected Inspirations: Bottle Caps

Continuing in my series on Unexpected Inspirations

Well, despite the fact that Tennessee Williams died after choking on one (it's true, look it up),I've always thought those bottle caps that had quirky sayings underneath them were kind of cute. Like an unexpected surprise. I remember the one for the Sobe Lizard Blizzard (I liked it because it tasted like a pina colada, and it had zinc in it, so I could tell myself I was actually getting some vitamins.) It always had "lizzard" substituted for some movie title "Saving Private Lizard," "Back to the Lizard," "Raiders of the Lost Lizard," and other random sayings.

It was cute. Nothing deep, but kind of a fun surprise.

At the County Market cafe, I got an unexpected inspiration from a beverage called "Honest Tea" (love that name, btw). It's organic tea---very good, a light, understated taste. Anyway, it also had an understated poem/ writing under the bottle cap. I almost overlooked it.

It was called "6-word memoirs."

I'm thinking, yeah, right. Six words. A Memoir. You've got to be kidding.
But this one by Rick Boal was totally awesome:
"Sit quietly
and watch
your thoughts."

And even better, you can submit your own six-word memoirs at
I think we should all give it a try. Just for the heck of it.


Michael said...

OK, I'm in. Here's my six word memoir: "Wannabe poet, two words too many...". If it gets used, you gotta promise me that you'll drink bottle after bottle after bottle of Honest Tea till you come across the bottle with my cap on it, then send it to me. (We don't have Honest Tea here...)

Dawn said...

Honest tea rocks
I saw your six word short story thing you sent out as well.
One of my favorite six word short stories was by Margaret Atwood:
"Chased him. Caught him. Oh shit."