Monday, July 4, 2011

First self-published Kindle author to sell one million copies

You may have heard of this already, evidently I've been slow to get this up (that's what he said---sorry, couldn't resist) US writer John Locke sells one million books on Kindle.
Here's the link:


Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

This is wonderful news for the author.

I just hope aspiring authors realize that Mr. Locke, as a prolific writer, has 9 books available on Kindle. A large selection of novels is also one secret to the success of J.A.Konrath and others.

This does give me incentive to keep writing! Happy 4th of July.

Dawn said...

Happy 4th to you.
And yes, that's a very good point---you do have to be prolific. Konrath is crazy prolific. But I think that, to a certain extent, is logical, and kind of contributes to the numbers game and the chance of sales reaching that "critical mass."

Michael said...

I hadn't heard this news, Dawn, I'm Always slow, tortoise is my middle name. Has there been a poet who's ever sold a million copies of anything? Well, yes, now I think of it: Jim Morrison (still very much selling posthumously), even, more recently, Jewel. That's it! I've had a light-bulb moment! I'm going to bulge into some leather pants and change my name to "Topaz"...