Saturday, July 23, 2011

Announcing: Aussie August

One of the cool things about being a writer and having a blog is being able to meet and network with other writers. One of the fun ways to do this is through guest blogging. Next month will be "Aussie August," featuring some poetry and wisdom from the land Down Under with one of my new-found friends, Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke. In addition, one lucky commenter will win a copy of  "Souls Raised from the Dead" by my former creative writing professor, the incredible Doris Betts.

Long story short--Michael is a poet who has several publication credits and accolades to his name. I'll publish a longer bio as the month approaches, along with some way cool links to his blog and his publications.
For this week, I would like to invite questions from commenters on any and all things Australian, as well as any questions concerning poetry---technique, publication, etc.

And yes, his accent is wonderful. I wish I had more technical expertise to get a "live" reading from him, but maybe in the future.

Michael will delve into such topics as:
-- What is a budgie smuggler ? (and yes, we have them in the States, we just call them something different)
-- Koalas, koalas, koalas
--Why he's collecting everyone's five favorite and least favorite words...and how you can help him out...

So much, much more to come.  I hope you'll join me for Aussie August.


billie said...

Sounds like fun, Dawn! Maybe Michael can tell me if McLeod's Daughters (one of my favorite TV series) is a realistic look at life on an Australian ranch. :)

Michael said...

billie: I have some inside news on McLeod's Daughters that I'll share in an Aussie August post next month...

Wendy Neilsen said...

Hi Michael, just wanted to say thank you for sending me the link to Dawn's blog. She sounds like a very interesting lady. I look forward to seeing what you two put together. Just one thing I noticed while on the site, is that when I clicked on the book 'Leaving the Comfort Cafe' it took me to Amazon where it says the book is available for $2,475.00. Do you think this might be why sales were slow? Cheers from Downunder, Wendy

billie said...

Woo-hoo! Inside info - can't wait! Thanks, Dawn and Michael - this sounds like fun!

Dawn said...

Ha!--lol. I promise you, there is no way I'd spend $2,000 on any book, unless it was plated in gold and signed by Shakespeare!
I have no idea why some dude is selling the book for $2,000. Makes no sense to me---and is kind of hilarious (you'd think at that price that shipping would be free). I can assure you, I did not set the price (and will not make any $$ from that even if it does sell at that price.)
I mean, $2,000? Seriously? Did some celebrity sign it or something?

And I'm excited to have Michael blogging for me this week.