Friday, July 22, 2011

My favorite mistakes: Internet time-wasters I love

I have a ton of things to do this week---including finishing up novel #3 to hopefully have out in time for a Labor Day promo...
...but hey, what's going down on Facebook? Anyone need their crops watered? Want to find out which of the Lord of the Rings characters you are? And who would play me in a movie about my life? Well, that's too good to pass up!

So, in honor of just chilling out and not taking ourselves too seriously, here are a few of my favorite time-wasters. Feel free to visit.

Awkward Family Photos
I want to send in a picture of me in the 80s with my huge hair and even BIGGER glasses.

LOL cats
Cats-- funny. Cats wtih snarky expressions -- priceless.

This is not meant to crack on anyone from other nationalities. I'm pretty sure I've ruthlessly massacred Spanish without meaning to...
Scroll down the page and click on the strange news items. Mark Twain was right: the difference between truth and fiction is that fiction has to make sense.

Anyone want to share any of their faves?


Michael said...

Umm, I'm not sure exactly what you meant, or didn't mean, but in Aussie colloquial the expression "crack on" means what in the US "hit on" means, guys hitting on girls, you know the pack drill.

As far as fave time-waster sites go, my fave is the boring-to-many-bibliophiles BBC Football site. My excuse is I'm a man, I like football (don't drink beer, though), and yes, I was born in England too...

Dawn said...

I hadn't realized you were born in England...
and in teh States---or at least in my part of the States -- if you "crack on" someone, you are insulting them or "dissing" them (dissing = disrespecting).
Ah, the Brits, Aussies and Yanks---separated by a common language.