Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ideal price for Kindle books? It's not $17

Don't put Kindle price at $17.99. Seriously, dudes

It won't sell. I'm not kidding. I heard someone put a book up there at that price.
Won't sell.
JA Konrath and other authors have weighed in on the fact that for a manuscript link book----60,000 words--- $2.99 is a reasonable price.
I do sometimes put my books on sale for 99 cents---but under Amazon, you only get a 35 percent royalty that way, as opposed to a 70 - 755 percent at the $2.99 price, so I think putting books on sale is really about getting noticed---I consider the reduction in royalty as advertisement.

Okay, this was a really, really boring post. Sorry about that. Go check out an LOL cat for a smile.

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