Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What the hell is up with the Progressive Car Insurance Chick?

What does the Progressive Car Insurance chick have to do with writing dangerously?
Quite a lot, actually.

I just got back from my writing residency at the Magic Mansion (thanks to JB who was a great house-sitter in my absence) and I did a record 70 pages. My friend B not only cranked out a beyond impressive 51 pages, but she finished her cool pony book and made an incredible connection through a chance in counter of someone who is related to an editor at a major publishing house. By far the best, most productive time I've ever spent.

Which brings us to the Progressive Insurance chick [who, according her name tag, is called Flo].

During my time at Magic Mansion, a writer friend of mine quoted a famous writer [sorry, can't remember who] who said "All writers should write with erections, even if they are women." That theme really stuck with me during this whole retreat--i.e. how 'dangerous' are we really willing to go? [see earlier posts]

I was surfing the web and came across pictures from the latest ComicCon, and in addition to the regular Star Trek and Dr. Who fans dressing up [ subliminal message: David Tennant, I love you, please call me] there were a few folks dressed as Progressive Car Insurance chick. I was like, huh? They are decent commercials, but not in the same tier as the Mac "1984" or even the CareerBuilder monkey ads, but what is it about Flo that made her have fans at ComicCon --or at least give the impression that she has a fan base?

Then, after seeing a commercial where she was blissfully giddy about helping people save money, I thought, what the hell is up with this flaky Progressive chick. Then I realized...she was writing dangerously.

Okay, not writing per se, but she is just so freaking THRILLED over what she does, like there was NEVER anything that could even remotely come close to the joy she got selling insurance---and it is that same kind of childish exuberance I think I am starting to see emerge again in myself, much like the Progressive girl...though I don't look that good with a price gun.


Also, sending love to my friends in California---y'all be careful. The ground is freakin' MOVING out there....

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