Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art folds itself unto art ---and for me, this is near ultimate happiness

I've been remiss in posts this week, trying to get my novel done before the May 1 contest deadline. Right now I've completed a total of 100 pages...and I've discovered that, in many ways, I think for myself, writing faster---purely concentrating on nothing other than cranking out that first draft-- is truly better. I have no time to second guess myself.
Of course, I'll naturally be editing the manuscript, etc. But I have to crank out that first draft, and writing fast has opened my creativity up to characters I would badger and back into a corner otherwise.
I'm here at an undisclosed location that I call Magic Mansion---MM--with my friend B. We have both had major creative breakthroughs. While we do tend to get stir crazy from time to time and we like to explore the quaint village shops a ten minute walk down the road as a break, this time, we have totally, totally kicked it "old school." I have not left the house save for a 3.2 mile walk / jog, and we did take a quick drive that allowed me to splurge on the best Philly cheesesteak and a cannoli. I have not had a connoli in a long time, and I confess, I was kind of captivated by the silly artiness of it all, the famous "Godfather" line: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli."
But now, I'm gearing up for what is for me, pretty close to the ultimate bliss. The MM has a concert going on downstairs. While I must stay in the writer's wing, I can perch myself int eh den at the top of the stairs above the catering kitchen, and listen to the beautiful, gorgeous music. There is a world class flutist [and being a recreational flute player myself, I'm totally psyched to get to hear a professional] a harp, cello, soprano...all the things I so dearly love about classical and symphonic music, but rarely allow myself the chance to indulge... I've decided to sit here, have a small glass of wine, and listen to the gorgeous notes, letting them inspire me as I still crank out a few more pages in the "Australia" novel. B will almost certainly join me...[SIDEBAR- for some reason, I feel like this novel, more than the other two that have been published, would incredibly lend itself to a of those really artsy movies you see at Sundance. ]
...I'm gearing up to just slide into bliss, thanking God that I'm alive to experience this moment, thanking God that he is also an artist, and He knows what it is to take joy in creation of something beautiful.

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billie said...

Amazing post - thanks for writing it!