Friday, April 16, 2010

If you look for your heart, you will find it

A while ago, I posted an entry about this way cool seashell I found at the beach. It had a heart perfectly formed within it [see archives for pictures].

Then, yesterday, I looked outside my "day job" office, and saw another one. Not a shell, but another heart.

For those of you who may read this from outside the state, or more importantly, outside the South,TREE POLLEN has taken over the state. Cars are covered, walkways are covered [so much so that you can actually slip on the darn stuff] and everyone who has an allergy is really, really hating it right now. It' s always bad in North Carolina, but this season is the worst I've remembered in 10 years.

My office overlooks basically a concrete drainage area. I don't complain because even getting a little bit of sunshine helps me get that vitamin D I need.

Looking outside, I found the tree pollen--disturbed by rain, or drainage or whatever--- had formed a perfect heart.

I was going to take a picture of it and post it, but some folks needed to do some work on the windows and as a result, part of the heart is gone. I like to think of it as God telling me that He's looking out for me, that He loves me, that, as CS Lewis says, Christianity is a matter of not being perfect, but a matter of constantly getting down on your knees and climbing back up again. Growth is not in staying on the straight and narrow, but growth is that process of constantly climbing back up...

It reminded me of my time at the 'Magic Mansion' [see previous entry]. I remember during my time there, I came into my room after a brisk walk / jog, and when I came in, the entire room was flooded with light. It made me believe that, even if for just a few minutes, anything and everything was possible. I think so many times, we cling to that, and we need to know that possibility is always there.

Of course, this is easy to say when you haven't lost a job, haven't been diagnosed with cancer, haven't lost a child...but then, ever so often, you look in nature and find hearts all around you.

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