Monday, April 19, 2010

Contest This Week! Win 'Heat Wave' by Richard Castle

Deep, meaningful literature? No. A heck of a lot of fun? Sure.

This week, to honor Shakespeare's birthday, I am giving away a copy of "Heat Wave" by fictitious author Richard Castle, from the ABC series "Castle." Think of it as 'Murder She Wrote' meets 'Law and Order' with the sexual chemistry / comedy of Dave and Maddie in the early 'Moonlighting' episodes.

And...well, there's Nathan Fillion. Nuff said.

I recommend you Hulu the series or get a really cool friend to buy you the season on DVD [like my friend C did :)]

The meta-fiction aspect of this is really cool---Nathan Fillion the actor portrays a mystery writer, Richard Castle who bases a character on the NYPD detective Beckett....and now "Richard Castle" has released the book that was discussed in the series.

So, once again, the week of April 18-24, leave a comment on my blog. I'll put your name in a hat and draw a name on April 24. I'll video it just to show that everything is kosher.

I will e-mail you via whatever address you leave, and then I will snail mail the book to you. You can send me a PO box if you're not comfortable sending your home address to someone you don't know. (As someone once said, "there's nothing wrong with being paranoid if everyone really is out to get you.)

Also, MOYWN, my Snarky Muse, had a few things she wanted to say about Shakespeare....evidently she knew him or some such...Hey Moywn, nice get up. What's up with the cigarette holder? Isn't that a little know, FDR for you?

M: I don't know, Dawn, isn't your look a little too pushing 40 for you?

D: Ouch --- if you've missed our earlier interview with the Snarky Muse, you can check it out in the archive section and ---

M: Shut up. I just want to say that, Big Bill the Bard and I went way back, and this whole contest thing is a
celebration thing of his birthday...well, and for you to get some pathetic hits because you're just that insecure...but I am the "dark lady" he spoke of. Hmmm. What a man. My sisters would like to take credit for it, but it was really just Bill and me. Oh, the passion!

D: Kind of like when Richard Castle wrote in Heat Wave--

M: No, not at all like that. What is wrong with you, woman? Granted, I wouldn't throw Rick Castle outta bed for eating crackers...but...

D: Well, just in case you haven't caught "Castle" on ABC, here's a peak. Cute stuff.

M: Now, Rick Castle AND Big Bill together....

D: Yeah, why did you call him Big Bill?

Snicker, snicker

Her'es the intro to the Castle series--- I love it when he says "There are two types of folks who think of ways to kill people...."


Ross said...

Consider yourself commented (in a friendly, decidedly snark-free sort of way).

Dawn said...

Thanks're in the drawing...though the Snarky Muse is somewhat disappointed.

Nathan said...

Why is the Snarky Muse not wearing her special dress? She's all covered up. Has she gone modest on me? How can I tell if she's writing with an erection wearing that get up? O Snarky Muse, you disappoint me.

Dawn said...

Snarky Muse says:
I got your erection right here. And I DO have to do laundry sometimes, you dumbass. What, you think Apollo [moron] does it for me, or that we just get a new toga any time Zeus [papa moron] changes the dress code? [which he does every other week depending upon who's on 'Dancing with the Stars'] I've got my eye on you, Nathan...your last story was really good so I'm cutting you some slack...but I'm just saying...bring it.

Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

"I got your erection right here." I know you do, Snarky Muse. Feels good, too. ;)

And what, you have to put on clothes to do laundry!? Weak, SM, weak. I thought you had some guts.

Oh, and bring it? Bring what? Are you challenging me to something? You don't strike me as the coy type. (At least, not until THIS modest display ... )