Friday, September 3, 2010

Becoming my Character

I've decided I'm going to become Blythe.

I'm appearing at the Celebration of Books Festival in Highlands, NC. I'm very excited about it, including a specialized writing workshop for teens.

Maybe I'm desperate for publicity, maybe I've just not had much of a social life, maybe I took the wrong medication, but at any rate, I've decided to spend at least part of the time at the festival in character, dressed as my character, Blythe Shelley, from Leaving the Comfort Cafe.

Will this be successful or a disaster?

There's a pretty good chance of both.

The big ??? about whether or not I can pull it off depends upon whether or not I can find a red, curly-headed wig [though Blythe does change it to black later in the book....] This may be an opening for "The Blythe Monologues" --hmm...I'll file that idea away for later.

To get an idea of Blythe, you can hear me reading a section from the novel or even read a part of it [for free] on my website at

Writing dangerously?
Well, it's doing something dangerously, anyway.


billie said...

Wow, Dawn, I'm curious to see this impersonation...!

Dawn said...

I am too. This is something that will either reallly, really, work, or crash and buuurrrrnnnnn.