Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Track #4 for my novel....

Here's track #4...which I also consider the best music video ever. I love it. I love the lyrics too...they are so poetic. Very well done.

Tune in on Friday when my Snarky Muse gives advice on how to beat writer's block.
Other upcoming topics in April:
1-- the novel update [how dangerous am I?]
2-- the Snarky Muse on "How to Tell Your Writing Group or Writing Partner Sucks."
3-- part #2 of great writer resources
4-- chances to WIN...that's right. A chance to win a prize. Just for commenting on my blog. Details forthcoming. [yes, I'm that desperate to get blog followers. What can I say? I'm insecure and need validation.

Here's the video: "Her Morning Elegance."
Sorry N---no boobies to censor [Boobies? I haven't written that since fourth grade.]


billie said...

I love this video - it's so creatively done.

I'm a little bit nervous about that "how to tell your writing group sucks" topic! :)

Dawn said...

You know your writing group is far from sucking :) It's mainly a thinly veiled reference to a guy I used to write / group with who said he didn't need rewrites because "I think about it so long, that when I write it, every word is perfect." I thought I would vomit.