Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Favorite Writer Resources-- part one

This will probably have to be a two-parter. I just wanted to list several of the great resources that I use on the internet. Granted, there are a lot of resources out there, but I find myself gravitating toward a particular group over and over again. So here are several, in no particular order....

The OWL Writing Lab at Purdue-
I think this online resource is much easier to use than some of the others. Great MLA resources.

Fact Check -
Self explanatory. Mainly focuses on politics and whatever Democratic /Republican truth stretching went on that week.

Duotrope Digest -
Great resource for fiction, short stories, flash fiction markets.

Google scholar--I've found this is handy when doing research, and it seems to filter out a lot of the sites from "Bill and Earl who really aren't experts but just sit around on the porch and think about it a whole heck of a lot." No offense to anyone named Bill and Earl. and its thesaurus companion -- I confess, this is really just laziness on my behalf. I think it's easy to use and I like being able to just click on a tab and go from dictionary to thesaurus, to dictionary, to thesaurus...but then, I'm very easily entertained.

Absolute Write -
Resources, markets, etc.

Facebook - Ha, just kidding on that one. Facebook is my crack, though.

Preditors and Editors-
A guide to publishers, editors and writing services for serious writers.

More to come later on--and Track #3 to my novel will be posted in the next few days.

ASIDE-- Overheard=
okay, I'm sorry, but I'm distracted by the folks at the table next to me in the coffeeshop. The conversation is about buying vs. renting a wedding dress. It just caught my ear because the guy was like "dude, you're only going to wear it once." Then someone said, "It's the wedding of your dreams, you just have to return it." Then someone started talking about how a wedding dress is sentimental [true, true. My mother's wedding dress is sentimenal. But I didn't wear it because, weighed 95 pounds when she got married. Oh, and wait, I'm single.]

Sorry, had to put it there for what it's worth.
As for me, if he ever came along, I'd elope. Seriously.

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