Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do Novels Have Soundtracks? My novel - Track #2- "Turn, Turn, Turn"

Track #2 to my novel "Tomorrow in Australia" --

I think that some novels 'lend themselves' to 'soundtracks.' Movies have soundtracks--why not novels? In fact, some movies [I'm thinking of 'Dirty Dancing,' and 'Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?'] seem to lend themselves so much to the soundtrack, that the two are woven together in a manner where you can't picture one without the other. I'm wondering if, in the decade of digital media, it might be possible in the future for novels to have an additional option of a soundtrack to be downloaded for them...

At any rate, I'm lining up some guest bloggers, etc.

In the meantime, I've stumbled across this blog that touches on the subject:

There's been a lot of discussion on whether or not graphic novels particularly lend themselves to this.
Personally I think it has a two-fold purpose:
1) To inspire the author [and, as in my case, these songs are presented for discussion and education purposes only...these artists are in no way affiliated with my project]
2) They provide a bit of a 'good' distraction --if there is such a thing. I do believe that sometimes when we're headfirst into our novel, it's good to come up for air. Only bad thing is my 'air' seems to easily meld into checking out my facebook pages.
3) In the future, we may be able to actually have small soundtracks to novels--even if these are nothing more than background music that may 'set the stage' for reading. Before anyone jump my case for the 'end of the publishing industry as we know it,' let me just say that this is mainly because I view novels as almost living things, being reborn and reborn in the mind of the reader each time they read it or share it with someone else....

Now, presenting track #2 to my soundtrack. This song comes directly from my favorite book of the Bible. In fact, I wish we would actually sing this one in church [if you don't think it's Biblical, just read Ecclesiastes. ]

According to the dudes at Wikipedia, this was put to music by Pete Seeger in 1959, but wasn't recorded until 1962 and 45% of the royalties for the song are donated to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

PS-- Roger McGuinn---lookin' good, dude.

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