Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finish the Novel in 6 Weeks

Since my blog is taking a turn for the random, I thought I'd just kind of reiterate what my current project is.

As you know, this year, I've decided to take no prisoners as far as my upcoming fiction writing is concerned. I am blessed to have two novels out, but...well, Mama wants a new pair of shoes....

Okay, here's my writing dangerously goal for this quarter....

The novel: Tomorrow in Australia [until I come up with a better one, see posts]

I've been writing on this thing off and on for a long time. Time to birth this baby.

The goal: Send it to a contest.

The deadline: Must be postmarked by May 1.

The reason: Um...pressure for me is a great motivator.

Why? : Because I ran out of Prozac--what kind of question was that?

The team:
--My way cool writing buddies B and C, who will help me along this journey.
--My cool editing friend--aka--the Comma Nazi, who I'll just call K, who has agreed to go on dangling modifier patrol.
-- The images of David Tennat and Captain Mal, who will provide me inspiration. [I don't have to specify what kind do I?]
--Random cool cyberspace dudes who are cheering me on. I hope you're out there. I hope you're cheering. If not, well...I'll just assume you are.

Who will from time to time drop snarky comments because...well, that's what she does....

Right now I'm getting together a list of how many pages I've completed. Not sure how long it's gong to be---sometimes when writing fiction, it just is what it is.

I'll also regale you from time to time with excerpts from my novel soundtrack.

Calling guest bloggers: I'll also be hosting guest bloggers here...soon...hopefully....:)

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