Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer of GATSBY No. 6. -- My FAVORITE Gatsby cartoons by Kate Beaton

Welcome old sport!

Welcome to all things Great Gatsby: chances to explore, chances to learn, and chances to win.

What's all this about? Read the intro to Summer of Gatsby here...

Whether you've read TGG in high school and are revisiting it or rediscovering it for the first time, enjoy our discussion. And warning--HEREIN BE SPOILERS!

And check my last post for a chance to WIN free Gatsby-inspired bookmarks.

So pull up a chair, and get a glass of bootleg hooch (we're still mixing some in the bathtub) and we'll get going:

AWESOME Gatsby Cartoons by Kate Beaton

If you're not reading Kate Beaton Comics, you're missing one real talented gal.

I highly recommend her book (warning to the easily offended, some of them are R rated).
She is witty and clever and has a great take on classic literature that is funny and understated at the same time. You can check her out here.
All images copyright by Kate Beaton (you HAVE to check out her Anne of Cleves stuff. Hysterical! Please click on the link above to her stuff.)

These are some of my favorite Gatsby cartoons she did--- click on them if the sidebar gets in the way...

STill, the link to these and other AWESOME literary comics (One of my faves is "Dude Watchin' with the Brontes") can be found above. Her book is "Hark! A Vagrant!"

Thank you Kate for a big SMILE.
You can buy her book here:

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