Sunday, May 19, 2013

Introducing: THE SUMMER OF GATSBY at The Year of Writing Dangerously-- May through July...with PRIZES, old Sport!

I realize I have absolutely NO credibility since I have YET to see the remake (but it's on my schedule for this week. I promise.I could go on about how I've been out of the country and at a writing retreat, but let's face it, that's no excuse where my beautiful Gatsby is concerned.)

So for this SUMMER,  this blog is dedicated to all things Gatsby! I'll have links to cool Gatsby stuff, Gatsby cartoons (by me and other authors), video clips! poems! reviews! A chance to win original artwork! bootleg hooch in my bathtub! A chance to rig the next world series! Not all of these are true!

But some are fun, and some are silly, and some are just--dear God, how awesome can this book be. I'm hoping my writing buddy RJ will let me post his poem about the Great Gastby here (hint, hint,) and I'm even thinking of doing a book of poems inspired by TGG (calling all my poetry homies.)

First, an introduction to the GREAT THREAD FOR THE GREAT GATSBY on Goodreads. Join our thread. Have a bit of bootleg hooch (prohibition be damned! ) While there are few folks on this group who have commented, but the ones who are on there really know their stuff about TGG and have some wonderful comments. We welcome everyone.

And btw, you'll notice on this blog I take things a bit tongue in cheek. I welcome all comments on this blog (or at the thread, where I hope y'all will join us) but please, play nice with others.
BTW, I also welcome any high school students who are doing research/ papers/ reading TGG--and no, we are not going to provide cliff notes, but I have a master's in English, and TGG literary elements were the focus of my comps paper, so any opinion I have will be an educated opinion (at least, that's what the piece of paper says :)

And --more coming--- leave a comment and you'll be placed in a drawing to win:
--a free copy of one of my books
--original, hand-drawn bookmarks inspired by TGG
--small unframed piece of art inspired by TGG.
-- copious amounts of alcohol (just kidding.)
--copy of TGG.

More to come, old sport, including:

-- The brilliant literary devices of F. Scott Fitzgerald and what you can learn from them.
--Daisy and a the South--what you might like to know from a Southerner's perspective
--My Asheville "connection" with Zelda Fitzgerald
--They're tearing down the Gatsby house? Noooooooooo
--Top quotes from The Great Gatsby characters
--F.Scott and me at the Water Park
-- Leo vs. Robert--- the low down on the leading men.
--Why Daisy is a witch with a capital B.
-- Religious implications of the Great Gatsby
--Little known facts about about the 1920s
--Links galore
--My poem dedicated to Jay Gatsby
-- My secret, intimate connection with F. Scott Fitzgerald  (warning--may be slightly embellished)

Looking forward to a summer that is the bee's knees.

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