Friday, May 3, 2013

Unusual Things I Learned About Stonehenge--and the person I met there!

This is a series of short travel articles concerning my recent wonderful trip to the UK.  Three things you need to know about me when reading these articles:
1-- I would talk to a tree. Seriously. I think one of the great things about travel is meeting new people. And of course, I would listen to the Brits read the phone book for an hour. So you'll see me and some random people.
2-- I like to try to find the unusual. To learn about things that are off the tour map (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.)
3--- The camera is not my friend. Seriously. I am neither this short, this overweight, or this dorky (well, maybe I am this dorky. But at least it's hip to be square.)

At Stonehenge on Salisbury plain in England, I'm not going to talk about what everyone has told you-- how did they get the stones there, how the stones are in perfect alignment with the stars, etc. After all, you have National Geographic specials on Netflix from that.

Here are a few things that fascinated me:
You can't see it too well on this one, but there were holes in the rocks where some
type of bird had evidently throughout the centuries dug a nest, or made a nest
out of a hole that had appeared in the stones. There were several birds flying in and
out of the stones. I've never seen that mentioned in something before.
Strange stuff seems to happen at the stones, even from folks that are normally not
easily persuaded by the paranormal. Our tour guide told us of one time, when a member of her
group got close to the stones, the hands on his wristwatch started spinning. When he backed away from
the stones, the spinning stopped. Movie crews who have filmed there have had their
equipment inexplicably start/ stop. There is definitely some type of magnetic energy of some kind
going on there-- static electricity or polar magnets or any type stuff Sheldon Cooper would
drool all over. 

Okay, the person in the picture at left was named Siloban (I'm sorry, I can't remember how to spell his/her name). Let me note that S was NOT a part of the display/event/ tour. Anyway, Siloban was not a druid or Wiccan or of any New Age religion that I was familiar with, but S and I had an interesting conversation about perception and matter. Essentially, what I think we were both talking about, but using different terms to describe, is how perception shapes reality, etc. etc..  Notice my eyes widening as I'm trying to piece things together that he/she is saying. Essentially, I think we were both talking about Einstein's Twin Paradox. I have some video of him / her that I'll try to's a bit long, so I'd like to edit it down a bit, but it was very interesting.

And FYI, I'm using he/she here because Siloban told me he/she was biologically either/or, and I think was technically registered with the government as a female.

I'm not posting it to be like "hey, look at this funky dude," but just to show that, if we take time to talk to people we don't know, we learn interesting things about them.

And btw, S told me the goat on the cane was a reference to her zodiac sign of Capricorn.

I understand that S. is out there quite a lot. Anyone else who has been to Stonehenge met her?


Carole Mehle said...

Siobhan is how you spell it.

dawn said...

My bad.

Diario de viaje said...

I met her few months ago!

She is lovely...