Friday, May 10, 2013

Tar Heel in the UK: Strangers I have spoken with...

Of course, the saying is that a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet (I HATE that saying. There are some strangers who have remained strangers for a reason....but you get my point)...

I feel so sorry for my friends who have to be so patient with their ultra-extroverted friend.

I'm not sure why but I have always been interested in talking to people I don't know who are culturally different from myself. While this has served me well in my former profession as a newspaper reporter, it has also served as a source of (select one) fascination, amusement, horror, embarrassment, pride to my travel buddies.

So to continue this travel in the UK series, I present the next photo series in:

Random people Dawn had her picture made with while she was in England

Random Stonehenge person (see earlier post)

Random Boat Ride Hawker at Cambridge (not sure why the photo
is so wonky. It's fine on my camera...)

For lack of better words, we'll just call this dude the Scottish
version of Wayne Newton. He was awesome!

Can you find the tourist here? I was obviously not ready for
the camera. And it was VERY  WINDY!!!
We dubbed this guy in front of the Sherlock Holmes Museum
Constable O'Hottie.


Carole Mehle said...

I was there for those! Heck, I probably took a couple.

Dawn said...

Constable O'Hottie and I thank you.

hmmm...maybe you need to be putting these also up on YOUR blog :)