Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer of GATSBY No. 4 - How to win Gatsby-inspired bookmarks!

Welcome old sport!

Welcome to all things Great Gatsby: chances to explore, chances to learn, and chances to win.

What's all this about? Read the intro to Summer of Gatsby here...

Whether you've read TGG in high school and are revisiting it or rediscovering it for the first time, enjoy our discussion. And warning--HEREIN BE SPOILERS!

So pull up a chair with some bootleg hooch and we'll get going.

Crushing on Gatsby

I have to admit that part of my fascination with Gatsby was that when we saw the 1974 movie in my high school, I was totally schoolgirl crushing on Robert Redford (can you blame me?)  That made everything in the book even more haunting. Yes, I'm not going to get into that whole book vs. movie thing (book. Almost always.) but for a kid in high school, you got to admit that if you're going to be watching a movie for English class, having some gorgeous actors certainly doesn't hurt.

As I've said about Robert Redford, to use a phrase my British friends find amusing: You can't slap the handsome off that man.

(I still feel a tinge when Robert Redford shouts "Because she doesn't love you!!" to Tom. )
So in honor of that and the new release:

How to win ORIGINAL, Gatsby-inspired bookmarks! (Done by a local North Carolina artist! i.e. me :) Yes, I also have a small art studio.)

Want to win a set of six original bookmarks inspired by characters in TGG?

Here's all you have to do:

-- Leave a comment mentioning the name of your first movie crush (well, one that you knew was a crush. Sorry, but characters like Mickey Mouse don't count. Has to be a real, flesh-and-blood, actor/ actress)
--Leave an e-mail where I can reach you. (I don't spam or sell your e-mail. That would be in poor taste, old sport!)
--If you'd like to leave a reason why this person was a crush (other than that they were just plain hot) that would be cool. But I'm trying to keep this blog PG-13. Just FYI.
---I will contact the winner via e-mail (and film the drawing).
--No purchase necessary, all legal disclaimers Gatsby's lawyers wanted us to put in there.
--NOTE: these are not OF the characters, but INSPIRED by the characters. We are not superseding any copyrights on Gatsby. Who do you think we are? Jordan Baker?

Your name does NOT go on some newsletter list. But FYI I sometimes give out free copies of my books, so if you want to follow my blog, I almost always announce free days here first.


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