Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Preview from Newsweek

The Daily Beast gives this preview called "12 Titles for 2012."

Just as an FYI to some of the more voracious readers out there.

(Personally, while I love to read, I'm a slow reader. I know, I know,--how can you be a slow reader if you're a writer? Maybe it's a touch of ADHD, but when I get into a passage, it's too easy to forget what came before it. And for the record, I'm also a horrible Scrabble player. While my old journalism school buddy, K, is coming up with words like "loquacious" and "ineptitude," I 'm hitting the boards with words like "cat," "it" and "butts.")

Here's the link:
Book Preview: 12 for 2012

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