Friday, May 6, 2011

Latte Money to Pizza Money-- and back into the swing of things

Yesterday I heard from one of my students. She is doing exceptionally well and has really taken what she has learned, and I'm proud of her for doing so. I've been out of touch with this blog for far too long, bur rightnow, I feel a sense of relief and purpose for the first time in a long while. It is always an incredible difference when you learn that God has allowed you to play a small part in helping someone.

Now I'm at B's for a writing retreat and I'm loving it. Her cat, Keats, has already curled up on my bed in the guest room and I'm debating how to shuffle her to the side to get into bed.

This weekend I'm hoping to upload some things on Nook and continue with that. It feels good to be back to writing creatively. It feels good knowing e-books is opening the door for many writers---and well, allow us to WRITE.

At any rate, I mentioned earlier that putting out of print books on Kindle shoudl be a no-brainer. I think I reported earlier that I was making latte money [i.e.enough to treat myself to two lattes]. That latte money has grown to pizza money.

For comparison, last YEAR my royalties for "Leaving the Comfort Cafe" were $22. It was out of print, and while I believe the publisher I worked with was wonderful, I wasn't getting a lot from the electronic sales.

I put it up on Kindle.

For the last six WEEKS on Kindle I have made $24 on Comfort Cafe, NOT including 4 copies I have just sold THIS WEEK. And the cool thing is, I've noticed when one sells, the other books I have up there sell. This week, someone bought my Shangri-La short story collection.

Yikes, Ijust realize I need to put cover art and a link on cafe to the sidebar on this blog. I'll probably do that this week.
I also realized that Target now sells a wine CUBE. I bought one for $8 ---supposedly has 2 bottles in it---and the red sangria is surprisingly good.

Though I think we all know that my palette isn't that sophisticated.

Don't stop following me on this blog!---- I'm hoping to post some information on a promo I'm planning to enter and info on how to WIN a Kindle....More info coming....

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