Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comfort Cafe now on Smashwords! E-pubbing a must for out of print books

Just uploaded "Leaving the Comfort Cafe" and "Saint Jude" to Smashwords.

And, with very little promo, to give an idea of the $$ I've made via electronic publishing of these out-of-print books:
First quarter-- about $14 . Just some good latte money. Maybe pizza money if I get a special.
THUS far this quarter [which I think is April / May / June] I've made $58.

To recap--last year my royalties were $22 for Cafe and $15 for St. Jude. That's not cracking on anyone, that's just the way things go.

I'm hoping to concentrate more on the writing life in the rest of my posts this year---mainly a series called "Sources of Inspiration."

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