Friday, May 20, 2011

Get a FREE ebook AND one will be donated to a soldier

What could be better than getting a free e-Book?
Why, giving one away to the men and women who protect this country!

Did you know that more than 300 soldiers have requested books? So I need your help to make it happen as I join with other indie authors across the country to participate in a virtual book tour—“Blog Tour de Troops.”

This Memorial Day Weekend, I am linking my blog to dozens of other author blogs to form a “blog hop” chain. Each author will give away a FREE e-book to each commenter AND for every person who leaves a comment, a FREE e-book will be sent to a soldier overseas so he/she can read it on a phone, laptop, or Kindle. In addition, the commenter can designate a specific soldier they would like their e-book to go to or we will select one for them.

But---and here’s the best part--- all participating authors have chipped in so that some soldiers will win a grand prize of their very own KINDLE.

But wait? You don’t have a Kindle?

No problem. My free e-book will be given away through SmashWords, which basically converts the book into an electronic format that will work with pretty much anything---Nook, laptops, cell phones, Sony Readers, Apple, etc. (I’m hoping the formatting doesn’t turn out all squirrely ). I’ll basically e-mail you a coupon code and you just punch that in when you download the book and you’ll get it for free.
What type of books will be given away?

Well, from what I’ve seen, the genres span all over the map--- mystery, romance, paranormal, paranormal romance, historical fiction, chick lit and thriller ( and um…I think there was even some erotica thrown in there.)

So if my writing isn’t exactly your cup of tea, I’m sure there’s something that will capture your attention. Heck, it’s all free. Check it out at: Blog Tour De Troops . I sent in my cover art a bit late, so if you don’t see my cover art, don’t worry, I’m still a participant.

Does this cost me to participate?

No. Not one dime. Just your time.

Which of your books will you be giving away?

Leaving the Comfort Café. I chose that one because it has more humor than my other books.

What’s Leaving the Comfort Café about? In five words or less?

Crazy Southern white people.

Okay, so what do I do?

Go to my blog: The Year of Writing Dangerously [] and leave a comment during Memorial Day Weekend. Be sure to put your e-mail address so I can send you a coupon code. That’s all. You’ve just earned a copy of my book and sent one to a soldier. Check out the other authors, too. There’s some pretty interesting titles up there.

For more information, go to
And if you want to follow my blog, all the better. Like most authors, I’m horribly insecure, and need validation.

But isn’t Jesus scheduled to return on Saturday, May 21?

I’m letting Matthew 24:36 handle that one.

But if you’re “left behind” on Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy some post-apocalyptic reading.


Spence Hackney said...

Dawn...I had no idea that you were even a writer. This is great! My wife is actually a writer too. I can't wait to read "Leaving the Comfort Cafe" too.


Dawn said...

Sweet! What kind of stuff does she write? Does she have a blog? Have her drop me an e-mail some time.
Thanks so much for helping me help a soldier.

And FYI to my writer / indie network peeps---Spence does some AWESOME web design. Seriously. You can check it out at

Sonia Rumzi said...

So glad we could do this. I love your blog. I will follow from now on. :)