Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not a lot of money, but still "latte" money

Got my first check cut from Amazon from the Kindle sales--- $11--not hardly time to quit my day job, but this is only for a short story collection that, to be quite frank, I haven't done as much publicizing as I should have. When you consider that my now out of print book royalties were roughly $22 for the whole of last YEAR, this does have some potential.

I posted Saint Jude in January, in the middle of having the flu and I just hope to God that I didn't do something stupid on the formatting. But I've looked at it and it seems to be okay.

However, I think one of the reasons my sales of the short story collection aren't that great are -- well, aside from the points mentioned before--- the cover isn't quite working. I'm going to keep the present cover through February and then in March try a new cover just to see what happens with it. JA Konrath (you should be reading his blog, btw) says that the cover is very, very, instrumental with Kindle sales.

I had an awesome Kindle moment tonight. I'm reading a book by one of my best friends-- B-- [a REALLY awesome book. I'm finding it hard to put down and I'm a very slow reader. ] For the first time, I actually reached up to turn a page. I actually forgot I was holding an electronic book.

I used to think that I loved the paper feeling of books. Now I'm not sure. I think just the opposite--I think that when I don't have to worry about bookmarks, creasing the spine too much----I think I am able to let the story take over with more freedom. If that makes any sense.

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