Thursday, February 24, 2011

Embrace the Turtle-- way to go Zoe

Okay, my parents just finished visiting me, and we had a great time, and now I'm finally getting back to my blog.

First to clear random thoughts from my brain:
--- got my Steampunk costume for a dance I'm going to at the end of April.Woot Woot!  It needs some accessories. I'll see if I can redneck some together with ductape. Hmmm....if rednecks met Steampunk....
---Am going to Costa Rica with my church on a medial mission trip. Totally psyched. Looking forward to a chance practicar mi espanol todos los dias.

Saint Jude in Kindle store got up to #88 in the top 100 Kindle store>psychology> mental illness

It's been moving slowly, but I'm still ltrying to find some publicity venues...we'll see. I think it will sell better when I get a few more books up there.

Ran across this great post on "being the turtle." I'm gonna post this on my writing desk.
Zoe Winters post.

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