Monday, November 22, 2010

Sent out queries for Big Tom

One of my goals for this year was to send out 10 queries for my Big Tom book: Man to Match the Mountain. A quick 4-1-1: Big Tom Wilson was my great-great-grandfather. He was a mountain man who was instrumental in helping a search party find the body of university professor Dr. Elisha Mitchell on the top of Mt. Mitchell (the peak was named after the professor).

As the media interest around this event grew, so did the legend of Big Tom---particularly when a writer for The Atlantic Monthly compared him to a "real life Leather-Stocking," referring to Nattie Bumppo, the main character in Last of the Mohicans.

Below is a picture of Big Tom from our family collection:

I finished my non-fiction book proposal and sample chapter (I think the book proposal is harder to write than the actual book).

Today I sent out the proposal, query letter and sample chapter to 4 presses and 1 agent. Five more to go!

Also, I'm going to start launching updates of my Kindle effort in December. I'm hoping to have the second edition of Saint Jude uploaded then.

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billie said...

congratulations! you did a lot of good work this past week and I'm looking forward to reading about Big Tom Wilson.