Friday, November 12, 2010

New Saint Jude Cover Called to Me

As per the earlier post, because my first publisher (Tudor Publishers, Greensboro) has reverted the marketing rights of my first novel back to me, I will be re-releasing Saint Jude, my first novel, on Kindle electronic format in December. Now, because the first edition's cover was paid for by the publisher and falls under that copyright, I have to have another cover for the book.

JA Konrath's blog "A Newbie's Guide to Publishing" indicates that a cover is a very, very,important part of this process, and it is worth it to get something done professionally.

While I told the designer---a very innovative and talented guy --- to do something similar to the first cover, he went in his own direction, and I have to admit, I LOVE what he created.
When he showed me the photo of the girl [who is actually a niece of his], it was so wild because it called to me --it looked JUST LIKE what I imagined Taylor, the main character to be.
PK, the designer (I never mention anyone's name in my blog without their permission) told me out of several photos he had, this one just kind of screamed "pick me!"

I'm thrilled with it.

First, here's the OLD COVER---a very nice cover, btw--done by artist Scott Sturdy:

And now the NEW COVER, which focuses more on the girl's face and leaves out the swirl. What I love is the look on her face. Something so artsy and happy / sad / mischievous, hard to read:

This same designer also did the logo for Carraway Bay Press -- which is below. I love it.

PK--I won't mention your name on my blog without your permission, but if you want to make yourself known, just post a comment with an e-mail addy or website where folks can contact you.

Here is the Carraway Bay logo---any guesses as to what the light symbolizes? I'll tell you in the next posting.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, Thank you so much for your kind words! It's always a pleasure doing work with such a talented writer. I'm lucky to have you to work with. I know you are up to amazing things and can't wait to see more. Saint Jude was a very touching book.


Dawn said...

Any writing buddies [or non-buddies] thinking of publishing on Kindle should drop you a line. Good stuff, Paul.