Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forum postings

I'm trying to do some more promos with the Shangri-La collection and see how it works out.

Tonight I posted on 10 forums on Amazon / Kindle. Some of these were blatant promotional forums, the others were readers looking for book suggestions, and still others were questions about what constitutes magical realism, what are some favorite first / last lines of novels, and I posted to them.

And no, I did not say my novels had my favorite first/ last lines. Even I'm not that tacky :)

But I was tacky enough in each section to give a product link at the bottom of my signature.

In addition, while we all know that "indie" or "self-published" doesn't necessarily have the "stigma" that "vanity presses" has to it, I think vanity presses have given the self-publishing industry a black eye in that many people assume that all self-published books are crap, and that's simply not true. I do think that a lot of crappy books were printed out of something that was basically a glorified printing press, and that kind of had a negative trickle down effect.

In short, Kindle=strange new world for publishing. Not sure what will happen, but want to be on board when everything shakes out.

I'll post whatever results come about the end of this week. I'm going to go on a writing sabbatical, so that will be most likely when I can post the most to these forums. I'm interested to see if I can get an increase in sales as a result.

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