Monday, August 9, 2010

London- the city of dangerous writers

I don't care if you don't like literature, or even if you can't appreciate the magestic genius of Shakpesare's sonnets, because the city of London is, in itself, complete poetry.

I have never seen such a gorgeous city in my entire life. I am instantly in love with its architecture, its vibe, its combintation of both the tr4aditional and trendy.

I do NOT believe in past lives, but there is something very strange about how wonderfully at home I feel in London, as if, as a writer, I have somehow lived here for thousands of years.

After taking a gazillion photos, I finally, and thankfully had my batteries die down---it made me realized thatI needed to beless concerned with capturing the moment, and letting the moment capture me. More coming up later...I'm just too jet lagged and incredibly thrilled to care.

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