Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wishes for London Trip

We all know I love the Brits [see earlier entry] and I'm stoked about going cross the pond.

A Writer's Way exercise once told me to expect great and crazy wonderful things. So whenever I embarked on a trip, I liked to make predictions of what I'd like to happen...not an itinerary or stuff I wanted to do, but just strange, neat, crazy, off the wall things. While sometimes the things do not come through, they do teach me, as a writer and a person, to open myself up for the predictable unpredictability of the world and just roll with it [like the time I shared a trolley with the Secret Service while in Savannah.]

In no particular order:

-- I feel I will meet someone absolutely amazing over there. I'm not talking romance, though I'm open for that come what may, but just someone interesting, quirky, or intriguing. Someone I'll share my e-mail addy with.

-- I will have a religious experience of some kind.

--I will see some celebrity, have no idea who they are [because they are sans makeup or what not] and ask them for directions, the time, something mundane, and not realize until later who he / she was.

-- I will eat something in Stratford on Avon. Not food, but a leaf or piece of grass...I'm hoping there's something in the water there that will help me become a better writer.

--At a pub, my travel buddy C and I will meet a cool group of folks that we spend a bit of time with. We run into them later on a double decker bus.

- I come home with a TARDIS of some kind. Or David Tennant. Even better.

-- And of course, someone is going to inspire a novel. You know they will....

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