Friday, September 28, 2012

The Dream Cast for 10K New Year's Eves...

There are few things more fun than casting your book!

Mallory, the girl with synesthesia (a condition where you see words as colors), would be  Elizabeth Moss (Peggy from “Mad Men”)
David, the infatuated psychologist, would be James Franco
Rochelle, the “Saint Francis in a leather jacket” would be Hillary Swank
River, the schizophrenic kayaker, would be Natalie Portman
Stephen, the washed-up (former) Christian rock singer would be Jake Gyllenhaal (true story: I once briefly worked with his uncle. )
Liam, the creepy blind dude, would be David Tennant (of Doctor Who. Look him up. He’s talented and gorgeous. I’d watch him read the phone book for two hours. )
Wendy, the gospel singer, would be Jennifer Hudson
Tad, NYPD wanna be, would be Matthew McConaughey (because I think he’s a closet redneck)

Although I do not consider myself an overtly devotional writer, there is a hymn that figures strongly throughout the entire piece because of its lyrics about seeking redemption.  It’s “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” I prefer the upbeat, acoustic, version by Jadon Lavik found here :

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