Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giving Away a Copy of My Favorite Romance Book--plus, my favorite movie kisses

And no, it's not my gosh, even I'm not THAT pretentious. But, as an added bonus, my romance novel, "Leaving the Comfort Cafe" will be FREE on June 24-25 as a part of a blog hop. I think the icon below is linked back to the blog hop, so check out all the authors on those days.... 

 Special thanks to "Reading Romances" for hosting the blog hop. As for which book is my favorite? I'm not giving it away. But suffice it to say it is a beautiful/ tragic love story.

 In the meantime, here are some clips of my favorite on-screen movie kisses:

 This one should come as no surprise to anybody:

 I was always a sucker for Jimmy Stewart...

Could there be a bad kiss scene with Johnny Depp? Methinks not.

And this one? Absolutely.

And of course, this one: And finally, this one, mainly for the wonderful lines leading up to it. And I love that they didn't try to make this rom com too, well, rom com---they did concentrate on happy couples being, well  , happily incompatible.

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