Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Giveaway still going strong throughout this week—and the GREAT GATSBY RETRO VIDEOGAME!!!!

I’m still gathering names for my book or DVD giveaway. I’m actually thinking of giving away TWO prizes---i.e. the winner gets first choice of the book or DVD and then second place gets the other one. Just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing

Thanks to Reading Romances for sponsoring this blog hop.

And hey –I’m sorry about the SNAFU with my Café novel giveaway. Not sure what happened. To their credit, Amazon has been very responsive for customer service. In fact, I feel so bad about it, ALL OF MY BOOKS ARE GOING TO BE FREE ON SATURDAY, JUNE 30 ON KINDLE.

What was that, old sport?

Yeppers. All my  books are going to be free on June 30 on Kindle.

Because there just aren't enough video games where
you can knock over flappers and Charleston dancers.
Also, I am planning to launch TWO new (well, one new and one re-formatted—sometimes my Kindle formatting gets wonky) books at the end of August. If you want to be sure you know when the FREE promos are, you can follow this blog, or follow me on Twitter at Carraway Bay (hmmm…the name of my publisher is a nice tip of the hat to the Great Gatsby.)

For those of you who remember the video game craze of the 80s, you’ll love this retro- 80s version of the Great Gatsby. It’s the bee’s knees, old sport!

or better yet, just play it yourself!

Click on the link below.

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