Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strike the stage: last Jesu show success. Thank you Waxhaw!

Museum of the Waxhaw
The final showing of "Jesu of Fondue" was this afternoon. Once again, such a great job by such a talented cast. My hat's off to Waxhaw----what a wonderful town, what a wonderful welcome, and what wonderful talent.

The folks who made it possible---the cast of Jesu of Fondue with Judy (front right) who is the artistic director (and also a playwright herself)

Of course, unphotogenic me had to get in on the action. Pay no attention to the geek on the far left....

It's hard to describe the feeling you get as a playwright to hear your work read aloud and with such skill. I was floored (though not surprised) to realize that two fo these folks have appeared in national commercials and national touring companies.

Our wonderful stage manager with
"Martha" (also known as Catherine,
the voice behind the Harris Teeter Vic CARD!!!
These are the folks who played Hope,
the runaway, and Roger, the reporter.

And no, I am not pregnant in any of these pictures. I really have been doing ab crunches. Honest.
The cast also witnessed me taking the first bite out of a fried pickle. Oh Waxhaw, how you opened up my world.  I want to later list the name of the cast members with their bio on their achievements, because if any of my followers (or non-followers) are in the Charlotte area, you really should check out the theatre venues to catch these folks in a show. I'll post their cast bios later on....
....but for now, it was a great adventure, and a whirlwind trip, and my Ambien seems to be finally kicking ...until the curtain comes up next time.

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Michael said...

You deserve all the plaudits you got! I feel so incredibly blessed to know such a versatile talent!